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Wanderlust, yearning for distant places, is commonly associated with unhappiness – the need to escape. Only ashore one can believe this to be true. As a sailor you know, running away from yourself is easiest done on a sofa!
For us sailors the road – or much rather the sea – is no escape. For us it is our destination, ultimately it’s an addiction and simply our purpose of being. Carpe diem! Life happens today. There are oceans to sail, shores to be discovered and cultures to be experienced.
I always felt that way and still do. As a skipper, sailing instructor, dive instructor, photographer and screenwriter I travelled the five continents, yet there are still many places I have to see – and others, I have to visit again.
On my trip with Alita, just as in life, I try to sail off the beaten track and together with my guests I aim to find the pristine and unspoiled gaps in the modern world.
My job as skipper I take seriously without being tense. Sea and weather often ask a lot from us sailors and it is the skipper’s job, to safely lead crew and yacht to the port of call, through all possible eventualities. Surely safety is my top priority, but if the situation allows, it won’t be in the way of having fun. In my opinion the most important traits of a good skipper are not only a feel for responsibility and profound knowledge in meteorology, nautics, electrics, mechanics and leadership – a skipper should also strafe to master his patience, his cooking and his humor.
I love sailing, love to be carried to far away places by the wind only. I enjoy to discover unknown shores as much, as finding new things in familiar places. I am happy on the water and – as a diver – also in the water. I try to live in the present, not the past or the future and I can do this best aboard. It’s my biggest delight, to be able to share this feeling with others.

The Skipperess
Dare to do it! That's my motto. A few years ago I started daring to dream and to live them. It has not always been easy. But I've found happiness.

Sailing the seven seas - I’ve had this dream ever since my childhood. To free myself from the daily routines, to feel the endless freedom. To discover the world in harmony with the nature following the paths of the old mariners - what could be better?
So I upgraded from sailing dinghies to yachts, from the confined lake to the endless sea. Enjoying what I do and always pushing myself to aim for the higher goals, I went straight for the ocean skipper certificate of the German sailing association after having passed the standard certificates.
I collected the required miles at sea on Alita when Marcus and I took her on her first large transfer from Turkey to the Canary Islands. This has been the highlight of my sailing experience up to that point. During these 2400 nautical miles I madly fell in love with them and that gave me the final motivational push to complete my life-long dream.

I'm very excited to be part of this long journey with Alita, Marcus. I am sure we will continue to have lots of fun, at sea and on land in joint excursions.
The Crew
You are the crew! The crew is aboard to sail, dive, explore, relax, bath in the sea and the sun. Your job is to enjoy your glimpse into the cruising life style with all it's delights and hardships.


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